Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Using the booking form

♥How do I use the booking form?

The booking form is simple to use. Simply click on ‘Book’ to view the calendar. Select the date you require and follow the on screen instructions.  

♥Will i be notified that my booking has been approved?

Yes. Once you have completed the booking process, this will come through to the Booking Manager who will approve or get in contact with you if further information is required. Please check your junk folder if you have not received a confirmation email.

♥When do I need to make payment?

Payment is required within 30 days of the invoice or prior to the event.

Booking Information 

♥I've made my booking online, how do I pay?

Once your booking has been approved, you will receive an invoice with details on how to pay. This is via Bank Transfer or you pay online by using the link in your invoice. Payment is required within 30 days of the invoice or prior to the event.

♥How do I get access to the community centre?

A week before your event, you will receive a confirmation email of your booking explaining that one of the community centre committee members will be open up for you on the day.

♥What is included in hire?

All rooms hired get use of the fully fitted kitchen so please be mindful that if you have not booked to use the entire centre there may be other bookings using the kitchen facilities. We also have plenty of table, chairs, music speaker and small disco lights.

♥What is in the kitchen?

Our fully fitted kitchen has everything you will need. We have childrens crockery and plates for up to 80 children, we have a full dinner set for up to 100 people along with glasses.  We have a hot water boiler for making hot drinks and plenty of cups and saucers. We also have a standard oven, microwave, fridge and freezer.

♥I need to change the times of my party, how do i do this?

Please get in touch with the Booking Manager at to discuss.

♥What size bouncy castle can I have?

The maximum size for a bouncy castle is 18ft x 15ft. Please ensure that when booking bouncy castles you use one of our two accepted Bouncy Castle Companies. These are Yorkshire Inflatables and Big ‘n’ Bouncy. Please all ensure that you arrange collection and set up of inflatable within the timeframe you have booked.

♥Do you have a music speaker?

 Yes we have a Bluetooth music speaker which is free to hire with the main hall. Please ask for this when we open up for you and we can get this out.

Do I need to book the time for setting up and cleaning down?

Yes. The time you require the centre for the event, setting up and cleaning down must be booked. Please be mindful that we may have another party in soon after your event has finished.

♥Do I need to bring my own cleaning products?

No. All the cleaning products are under the kitchen sink, along with bin bags. We have a sweeping brush, mop (for spills) and hoovers available too.

Where do I put my rubbish?

Once your event has finished and you have tidied up, all your rubbish in bin bags can be left by the front door.

Bar information 

♥How do I book the bar?

You can book to hire the bar at the same time as hiring the main hall. Simply add how many hours of the bar you require and add the hours to the comments. We understand that you may not require the bar when setting up and cleaning down, so no need to add the hours on for these times.

♥What drinks do you have?

We have a wide variety of drinks available; lager, ale, wines, Prosecco, spirits and mixers in a can, ciders, J20’s and other soft drinks.

♥Do you have draught beer?

We do have lager on draught however this is not always available and depends on size of party and how many bar opening we have that week. If draught lager is not available, we will have bottle/canned lager.

♥Can I request certain drinks for my party?

If you have a specific request then please get in touch at least 4 weeks before your party and we can see what we can do. No guarantees!

♥Do you check ID?

Absolutely! We follow the check 25 ID check, so if you are lucky enough to look under 25 then please make sure you have your ID ready. We will then issue you with an ‘over 18’ wrist band to wear for the duration of the party.

Regular Booking questions

♥I am interested in booking a regular session, how do I do this?

You can see what regular availability we have using the calendar on our website. You can also book online too. If you want to discuss this then please get in touch at

♥How do I get access to the centre?

For new regular bookings we will arrange a suitable time to meet you  at the centre and run through fire exits and any housekeeping rules. Depending on your regular bookings time frame we may also issue you with a key so you are able to access the centre for your sessions. This will be discussed when booking.

♥Do I have to pay for sessions that I don't need anymore?

You will be issued with the terms and conditions that explain any payment that is owed for cancellations.

Other Questions

♥Why do you have a barrier?

We implemented a barrier following the Section 106 that confirmed a barrier was needed for the car park to the community centre. This also ensures the centre users have sufficient space to park for their event.

♥Who runs the community centre?

The Community Centre is run by Trustees and committee members who all live on the Staynor Hall development. We are a small group and will always welcome anybody who wishes to come and help us out with running the centre and the events we run. Please get in touch for more information.

♥Can I hire the garden?

You can use the garden when hiring the main hall. There is a separate door to the garden. Unfortunately we do not have any garden furniture at the moment but watch this space! We also cannot guarantee that the lawn will have been mowed before your event due to availability of the gardener and the good old British weather.

If you have any other questions, that are not answered above, then please email